Values Based Recruitment

What to expect from a Values Based Interview

Every interview at the Trust includes three values-based interview questions as part of our approach to attracting candidates whose personal values and behaviours align to our organisation.  We know that hiring staff who share our values is vital in providing high quality, safe and compassionate healthcare.

When preparing for your interview, you should read a copy of our Behavioural Standards Framework to familiarise yourself with our three Trust values:

Caring                 Learning             Growing

And our seven Behavioural Standards:

Friendly and Welcoming

Being Respectful

Open and Honest

Being Professional

Putting Patients First

Valuing Everyone

Communicate Effectively

Your interviewer will ask you at least three questions that relate to the seven behavioural standards, asking you to provide real life situations that you have experienced.  You can prepare by reflecting on your experiences and expecting to be asked about situations you have been in.

Some examples of Values Based interview questions are:

Describe a time that you successfully resolved a conflict at work
Tell me a time that you created a friendly and welcoming environment for service users

Values Based Stakeholder Panel

Some recruitment experiences will include an invitation to a Values Based Stakeholder Panel.   The format of these meetings will usually take on a more conversational approach than the main interview.  To ensure fairness and consistency, each meeting will be structured to start with a values based question to prompt a discussion about your reflections and relevant experience.

As above, to prepare for the Panel you should familiarise yourself with the Trust’s Behavioural Standards Framework and reflect on your experiences, ready to discuss these in more depth.

While the tone of the meeting is more informal, this is still an assessed part of the recruitment process.

If you have any queries about your interview, please do not hesitate to contact the Recruiting Manager or our Recruitment Team