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Our motivated, dedicated and encouraging teams do amazing things every day, to help the people they work with to live the best life possible. If you’re looking to join a highly committed team who will support you to develop your practice, and ensure you valued, then you’ll fit right in!

We pride ourselves on getting the basics right by ensuring there is good support to enable you to develop in your career and meet your ambitions. You’ll have access to a supportive network of peers, which is a great place to share learning, develop clinical reasoning skills and explore the latest evidence-based practice.

Our forward thinking and adaptable team have embraced new technology to support patients. From using IT to work remotely to connecting with patients using upstream video consultation, app’s and videos.

We want you to progress in the profession and your career, and as you grow we will encourage you to take part in research linking in with our research team, library, with the Universities, and other partners.

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Physiotherapists make a unique contribution to our teams, working holistically and in collaboration with other professionals and agencies to prevent, educate and maximise. In our diverse organisation you will have the opportunity to work in a range of settings with people with physical and mental health needs in a team that will support and encourage your development.

Our Humbelieveable Promise


You will be welcomed into one of our enthusiastic, highly trained and dynamic teams. You benefit from our strong working relationships with other professionals and multi agencies teams such as voluntary sector and social care to support you to deliver the best experience and holistic care to our patients.  We’re continually improving our services and there are opportunities to do this through funded CPD and training. You will have access to supervision, support and in-service training to grow and develop.  Your allied health professions in all major disciplines are there to support you to ensure great quality care at a high standard.


We are inspiring the leaders of the future through our Leadership Development Programme. We are constantly moving forward to develop our services through links with universities and our research team to enable you to take part in research to enhance standards of care.  Through technology like upstream, app’s and videos we provide flexible, efficient  and cost effective services to suit patient’s needs.


You’ll join a forward-thinking physiotherapy team that will support you on your career pathway, providing you with opportunities to undertake quality innovation projects such as service evaluation and NICE audits.  We’re proud that our partnerships with local and regional universities puts us at the cutting edge of research and practice development. You will receive the guidance and excellent professional development that forms part of your appraisal to progress you at your pace.

Why Choose us

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Our experienced and passionate team are here to help you progress your career.

You can work in services from paediatrics to community, MSK, cardiac rehab and Stroke. Working across our physical health and mental health services you’ll work with people of all ages from children and young people, older adults, ensuring you get a broad range of experiences to help you develop your practice.

You’ll find excellent mentoring and supervision structure and a team who wants you to process. We’re interested in finding out what you want to do and will support you to achieve your goals.

As a physiotherapist you will contribute to providing education, advice, exercise, hands on therapy and rehabilitation to enable people to live the best life possible, with a team that consists of highly skilled, specialised physiotherapists.

Samantha Jacques- Newton, Head of Allied Health Professionals and Practice Development

Fancy a chat? Email Samantha.Jaquez-Newton1@nhs.net

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