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Our inspiring, dedicated and highly motivated team do amazing things every day to help the people they work with to fully participate in activities of everyday life. If you’re looking to join a highly committed team who will support you to develop your practice, promote health and well-being through occupation and enable people to participate in activities of everyday life, then you’ll fit right in!

We’re here to support you to achieve your career ambitions. You’ll have access to a supportive network of peers, in a great place to share learnings, develop clinical reasoning skills and explore the latest evidence-based practice.

We are committed to investing in our teams and offer apprenticeship schemes, a rotational programme, preceptorship and a fantastic career development programme. You’ll find substantial opportunities to undertake CPD training, supervision and mentoring of students.

The unique contribution of Occupational Therapy is valued by the multi-disciplinary team, and ensures that we can deliver the holistic care that enables people to improve, recover, and achieve their full potential.

Our Humbelievable Promise


You will be welcomed into one of our enthusiastic, highly trained and dynamic teams, where the skills of the Occupational Therapist complement and add to the range of talent, experience and knowledge within the Service. Our Occupational Therapists are valued by the multidisciplinary team as we offer a holistic, occupation focused- perspective.


We are inspiring the leaders of the future through our embedded leadership development programme. We search and find the best in people, and recognise good work when we see it. We celebrate excellence and promote great work so that we can learn from one another and continually improve our practice.


You’ll join a forward-thinking Occupational Therapy team that has strong links to NHS England and to the Royal College of Occupational Therapy. We’re proud that our partnerships with local and regional universities put us at the cutting edge of research and practice development.

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Our passionate, experienced and dedicated Occupational Therapy team are here to help you progress your career.

There are a host of opportunities to work across mental health and learning disability services, with children and young people, older adults and those with dementia to ensure that you get a broad range of experience.

You will be nurtured and developed through mentoring, supervision and support and have our full commitment to help you realise your potential.

The Occupational Therapist’s contribution to the workforce is invaluable and enables people to live their lives, their way.



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