We care about
what's important
to you

We know that every day you make a positive difference to people’s lives. We want your knowledge, drive and passion at our Trust so we have created nursing roles
that understand what’s important to you.

Finding a role that combines work life balance with an opportunity that helps you reach your career potential can be a challenge. We believe in you and your abilities and we will ensure that you receive excellent support for both your personal and professional development
so that you can create the career you want

We prioritise your development by ensuring that you have access to our educational programmes to improve both your clinical and managerial skills. We will also actively encourage your career growth by ensuring there are relevant training and leadership opportunities available to you.

Our teams pride themselves on creating flexible opportunities so that you can work together to ensure your patients receive the best possible care
and you can work in a way that suits your lifestyle.

As a diverse Trust offering a wide range of services we have a variety of nursing vacancies across:

- Mental Health Nurse - Learning Disabilities Nurse - Community Nurse - Practice Nurse - District Nurse - Nurse Associate - Public Health Nurse - Occupational Health Nurse - Nursery Nurse

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It’s the small gestures that make a difference and mean that you always feel you have someone you can go to for support.

Our Humbelievable Promise


We know that flexibility and a healthy work-life balance for you and your family is important. We will work with you to understand your needs and how we can best support you to find a job that is right for you.

“We work as a team to understand each other’s needs and work flexibly to ensure we are able to deliver high quality patient care and support one another and our life outside work”.


Working in challenging environments we know that it’s important to support one another and pick each other up when we need it. You will be able to access to formal and informal support and receive excellent supervision in relaxed environment.

Our friendly teams of skilled practitioners will provide you with practical support and promote reflective working in a supportive working environment, ensuring that it’s a tool for personal and professional growth.


From the start of your journey you will find a clear career pathway to continue developing your skills so that you can reach your potential.

You will receive the support, guidance and excellent professional development opportunities you need to progress at a pace that works for you.

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Looking for your first role?

You’ve found the perfect place to start.

Our Preceptorship Academy will support you to develop your skills, confidence and knowledge
achieved during undergraduate training in a safe and supportive environment.

You will be supported by a preceptor within your workplace throughout the programme which combines additional training, encouraged reflection, peer support and an opportunity to gain valuable experience within the workplace.

If you’re joining one of our inpatient teams, you will meet with peers at the same stage as you at our monthly New Starter Group meetings. It’s a great place to share best practice and evidence-based learning which is specific to the inpatient environment you’re working in.

Our talented and supportive teams change lives every day. It’s a privilege to be able to lead and support our nurses and to ensure they are able to do what they do in a safe and supportive environment.

Hilary Gledhill, Director of Nursing, Allied Health and Social Care Professionals

Fancy a chat? Email: hilarygledhill@nhs.net

Ready for the next step?

We offer a supportive environment with a strong commitment to continuing professional development. You’ll have access to outstanding mentors to guide you and share the benefits of their experience to help shape your practice.

If you’re interested in continued professional development and career progression, our Career Clinics are here to support you on a one-to-one basis and guide you through opportunities available. They will also help you to formulate a personal action plan, which can feed into your appraisal.

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