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treats you as a whole

We don’t like to generalise. We know that no two GP’s are the same. We will work with you to understand how we can create a role that works for you.

As a salaried GP you’ll benefit from flexible working hours to suit your lifestyle, excellent pay and benefits, access to continued professional development and training and  the backup of our wider Trust team who are there for support when you need it.

If you’re new to the area you’re in for a treat. Our Trust covers a wide and varied geographical area so whether you want to be in the city, countryside or at the coast you’ll be able to find a place to call home that doesn’t mean a long commute.

Whatever you’re looking for in your GP career – we’ve got the role for you.

Join our Humbeleivable team

I’ve been supported to progressing two years what would have taken ten years in private practice

Our Humbelieveable Promise


You’ll head up a multi-disciplinary’ general practice team and will be supported by a wide range of professionals so that together you can provide care that is truly designed around the patients’ needs.


With a focus on clinical work, you will be supported to develop advanced skills and to develop your career portfolio. Working closely with your practice manager and clinical leadership you will also have the opportunity to influence the practice and the service to contribute to shaping new ways of working/models of care that will transform the patient experience.


We will work with you to understand how we can develop a role that meets your needs and the needs of our patients.

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Find a role that works for you.

Find a role that works for you

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You’ll have the support of our wider team to develop your medical knowledge, nurture your aspirations and support you in your areas of interest.

If you have an interest in career development then we are here to support you. Whether you want to run specialised clinics or aspire to a career in leadership we will work with you to develop you as a person and as a professional.

As a GP you are part of a community and it’s a privilege to provide care for patients when they need it most.

Medical Director, John Byrne

Fancy a chat? Email john.byrne1@nhs.net

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